Destiny Defined helps students gain a deeper understanding of their motivations, talents, values, and aspirations.


We have the flexibility to deliver the program in person or remotely. If we meet in person, our preferred method is retreat style, with half the curriculum delivered one day, and The other half delivered a week later. If we hold the program remotely, we meet once a week for 8 weeks, 90 minutes per session.


Sessions are a mixture of icebreakers, lessons, group discussions, visualizations/meditations, student speeches, interactive activities, journaling, support from some of the important people from the students’ lives, guest speakers, and “heartwork” (activities for the students to engage in between sessions in order to reinforce/build on the concepts from the previous module).


A post-program mentorship opportunity, where students will engage in structured interactions with an adult who is established in the students’ field of interest, is currently "under construction."

Workshops focus on a range of topics, including:

  • Cultivating a Deeper Sense of Gratitude

  • Recognizing the Power of the Human Spirit

  • Reframing Mistakes as Opportunities for Growth

  • Developing Grit

  • Determining Core Values

  • Reducing Daily Stress

  • Managing Time Effectively

  • Examining College and Trade School Options

  • Exploring the concept of "Purpose"

  • Formulating a Clear Plan to Finding a Fulfilling Career 

Destiny Defined Overview